The name “liquid wallpaper” is given because of the application method (the material is wet during application) and the final result gives the appearance of wallpaper. Silk Plaster material is packed in about 1 kg-packages, and the package contains all the necessary ingredients, only water needs to be added. The wet mass is applied with the help of a trowel on surfaces, such as walls or ceilings. You can find all the varieties of liquid wall coverings in our catalogue – textures & colours.

Silk Plaster is a DIY material, which is easily applicable to most interior surfaces. The covering consists only of natural products: textile and cotton fibres, decorative mineral additives and adhesive glue. Thanks to these components, Silk  Plaster is an environmentally friendly, natural plaster. The product is VOC free, it has an A+ ranking in France and has received the best results around Europe.

Silk Plaster can easily be applied on most surfaces. Surfaces, such as bay windows, arches and pipes, where usual wallpaper is not applicable, Silk Plaster liquid wall covering in its wet state is easily applicable almost everywhere Silk Plaster wall coverings will not only decorate the walls perfectly, but also fill cracks and uneven surfaces. Silk Plaster wall covering material is known for its heat, sound and noise insulation and is also fade resistant.

The significant advantage of using Silk Plaster is how easy it is to repair. If after some period of time cracks appear, the wall could be moistened with water and the cracks smoothed over simply with the water. Decorative Silk Plaster is an elastic material. When a house shrinks, potentially there will be small splits that appear over time. This is due to the movement of the houses’ walls with heat and coldness. There is an easy solution to solve the problem: with the help of a spray bottle of water and a trowel, any imperfection can be fixed in second It is also as easy to remove.